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Made in Slovenia. We use exclusively Slovenian wood - from all of our regions.

In our work, we are guided by the love of wood, tradition and quality.

Easy Reader is made of genuine Slovenian wood and treated with a combination of natural oil and beeswax.


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Walnut tree usually grows as an individual tree. It can be found both in the backyard and in the woods. The tree is not really beautiful and also it does not grow particularly tall; it has a lot of cracks, knots and even rot and decay. Its wood is very changeable in colour, from light brown to blackish brown, often with dark stripes. It is one of our most precious sorts of wood.

Walnut is a highly sought-after wood because of its attractive appearance, which can be beautifully processed. It is used for veneer, wooden hunting rifle handles, carving and prestigious furniture.

What are the advantages of Easy Reader?

  • no aching hands
  • comfortable
  • easy to use