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Made in Slovenia. We use exclusively Slovenian wood - from all of our regions.

In our work, we are guided by the love of wood, tradition and quality.

Easy Reader is made of genuine Slovenian wood and treated with a combination of natural oil and beeswax.


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There are several species of maple trees that can reach the height up to 40 m. Its wood has the lightest colour of all types of wood in Slovenia. It grows at heights up to 800 m above the sea level. Some species of maple are extensively planted in cities as ornamental trees (ornamental Japanese maple tree). In autumn, the leaves turn a beautiful yellow colour, and some species become distinctly red. Some of the mountain maples (Acer pseudoplatanus) have exceptional wood (the bird maple, the ribbed maple and the roe maple types), which achieve very high prices. These types are rare, and the most common type in our country is the ribbed maple, which grows short and ribbed. The wood is used for making veneer or furniture, for carving and also for making violins.

The highest mountain maple is a maple tree that grows in the karst area above Mojska draga depression and measures 162 cm in diameter and 32 m in height. The most expensive cubic metre of the ribbed mountain maple - Slovenian ebony, reached the price of 8,853 euros.

What are the advantages of Easy Reader?

  • no aching hands
  • comfortable
  • easy to use